Celtics x Warriors: rivalry in the new chapter in Boston

Seven months and three days after playing the 6th NBA final, which decided the title of the Golden Country Warriors,

Stephen Curry and company found themselves marked again, in this fifth fair, as the Celtics and the controversial Boston team

Pairam are not, apart from the latent rivalry, the serious accusations made by the winger Draymond Green

 about the racist verbal attacks suffered during the decisive duels of June 2022. 

The star's interviews for the first time on ESPN in the US in the Last days revived the weather.

 For the first time in an eleven-season NBA career, the rookie, known for being the emotional benchmark

the Warriors dynasty, responsible for improving the spirit of time and stability of two opponents,

 The performance not played for the first time in Boston was below criticism. No second, it wasn't that better