Change Launches Algorithmic Trading Survey for 2023

Institutional buyers, asset managers, and hedge price rangers are invited to rate the provider, characteristics, and capabilities of their algorithmic

Now in its 16th year, The Trade's Algorithmic Trading Survey 2023 is active for participation in the buy aspect until February 24

 with 'simpler' and 'hedge fund' effects due to being protected within the Q1 and Q2 variants of The Alternative Mag. respectively

Over the past 12 months, the survey received a record 1,599 ratings, across more than 36 algorithmic transaction providers

The results highlighted the continued evolution and development of algorithmic services, but buy-side investors still want more, including calls for greater customization capabilities,

 as well as more guidance on how enjoyable it is to leverage the team. and current functions.

Strategies including extension-weighted common rate (VWAP), dark or opportunity liquidity-seeking algorithms, percentage of quantity (POV), and market 

The Algorithmic Trading Survey is a global survey targeting buy-side traders across all regions and asset formations

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