Chargers D continues to excel in the playoffs:

Shutting down the Colts turned into a full performance The Chargers' defense sacked Foles

seven times (the most in a game considering Week 16 of 2016) and sacked the quarterback 

three times. It was the first time in club history that they had seven sacks and 3 interceptions withou

allowing a touchdown in one game. The remaining time the Chargers allowed three or fewer points

 and fewer than 200 total yards was week five of 2014, unlike the Big Apple Jets (zero points and 151 total yards allowed).

"0-10 down 1/3, that speaks for itself. That's fantastic," wide receiver Keenan Allen said. 

It's hard to score points while you can't move 0.33 down. We didn't score as many points 

we wanted, but they didn't count because the protection played so well. If we can keep praising ourselves like this, keep it up