Charlie Woods' game is bigger and more powerful; Tiger is more inspired to wear something else.

Sometime last week on The Healthy, commentator Trevor Immelman put Tiger Woods on the spot with a simple 

"I hate to say it, but I'm going to admit it. He eventually did it," Tiger said. "I spun one, he took one and he got me."

Now it's not hard to see why. Charlie Woods comes into this year's Championship Percent looking a bit different than years past. 

Charlie is now thirteen years old. He is taller and has filled out his lean frame with extra muscle. 

And when he hits the photos, the touch sounds extraordinary than he used to. There is more pop nowadays.

So if he can get away from his father, how far can Charlie send him? During Friday morning at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club

I watched him catch one on the 10th hole that traveled 279 yards, with roll.

But in many approaches, top speed doesn't tell the whole story of Charlie or any junior golfer's game.

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