Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo Have a Griswold Family Holiday Reunion: With a Unique Visitor

Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo, who played parents Clark and Ellen Griswold in Lampoon's Christmas movies of the '80s

and '90s, reunited on December 10 at Metal City Comic Con in Pittsburgh.

"Together again..." D'Angelo seventy-one, captioned a selfie of the two on her Instagram. "@steelcitycomiccon featuring @chevychase!"

The two hadn't been the only cast members on vacation for the conference weekend. Chase, 79

The sixty-eight-year-old stick insect played a Ferrari driver who flirts with Clark on a turnpike in the original 1983 film

D'Angelo shared a photo of Chase hugging her and Brinkley at her convention to her Instagram account and wrote

"Senior faculty meeting." The actor commented, "Three is by no means a crowd in this outfit." 

He also posted the same percentage on his website, writing "The Three Amigos", referencing the unrelated but also famous 1980s comedy film of the same name.

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