Clemson soccer: Players responsible for Orange Bowl loss to Tennessee

Clemson football had a thoroughly disappointing season finale on Friday night. The Tigers earned an invite

 the Orange Bowl as ACC champions, but they certainly didn't look like champions in a 31-14 loss to Tennessee.

 Although, that score won't tell the whole story. If one were to study the statistics for this game, one would assume that Clemson won easily.

The Tigers had over a hundred yards more than the Volunteers, had 14 additional first downs, and had ownership

Clemson also played a much fairer game, with four fallouts for 45 yards compared to Tennessee's nine for 110 yards.

 what went wrong for the Tigers? Well, they didn't know how to take advantage of their opportunities. 

 Clemson had two turnovers, went 0-for-3 on fourth down, and ignored three holding goals in the game. If the Tigers should have

 they are likely to win this game. So we're going to cheat in one piece here and name an entire unit