Clinical Center to Shut Down 37,000 Bitcoin Mining Rigs Belonging to Bankrupt Crypto Lender Celsius

Center Clinical plans to shut down 37,000 bitcoin mining rigs belonging to now-defunct crypto lender Celsius

according to an agreement between the two bankrupt companies. Celsius owes the intermediate clinic about $7

Eight million for electricity and hosting costs, as the crypto lender has been unable to make daily payments as outlined in the hosting contract.

Lawyers representing the bankrupt bitcoin mining operation medical outlet have told the court that crypto lender Celsius

The story was first brought up using Bloomberg, and Celsius reportedly owes approximately $7.8 million on charges related to the machines.

Lawyers representing the central medical nation that shutting down bitcoin mining devices could keep the company in a very high price range

Core medical became one of the largest bitcoin miners in the industry, with data from November 7, 2022 showing that 41%

 The company filed for bankruptcy 11 bankruptcy security on December 21, 2022, but cited that the company's machines will keep running in order to pay off the debt.

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