Clippers stage incredible late comeback to beat Pistons in OT

The Clippers teach Tyronn Lue to get their starters out when his team fell behind 126-112, but a 

lineup of Luke Kennard, Terance Mann, Amir Coffey, Nicolas Batum 

 the fourth frame on a 16-rAnd Moses Brown rounded outun skid . 2. . Mann hit a jumper with 5

You've got to give those guys seconds left in regulation. "credit for staying equipped

Lue said. "They came out and played with some urgency. Amir and Moses hadn't played in the game,

so they went in and expressed what they did." Going into play on Monday, NBA teams were 2-12,873 in the game era

 (since 1996-97) while trailing by 14 or more points with 3 minutes remaining; the Clippers have been 0-417. T

 The best victories were for the Hawks on March 17, 1997 against the Magic and for the Kings on January 27, 2020 against the Timberwolves.