Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert narrowly won re-election, tally confirms

Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert narrowly won her re-election bid for Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold announced Monday evening.

NBC News's Decision Desk has projected Boebert, a far-right lawmaker

to be the winner of the House race against her Democratic challenger, Adam Frisch. 

The recount found a four-vote difference from November’s result, but Boebert took 546 more votes than Frisch.

With all House races from the midterm elections now called, Republicans are projected

to have a two vote majority in the house next month: 222 GOP members to Democrats’ 213

Although she was a staunch supporter of Donald Trump, Boebert found herself unexpectedly in the middle of a tight race 

 in a district that was rated solidly Republican by nonpartisan Cook Political Report.

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