Copyright Lawsuit Against Taylor Speedy's 'Shake It Off' Dropped

The two songwriters, Nathan Butler and Sean Corredor, have requested the dismissal of the case. 

The trial in it was scheduled to begin next month. They asked a judge to "[dismiss] this motion in its entirety."

The terms of the agreement have not yet been declared. Also, the song credits remain the same

Taylor Swift and original co-writers Max Martin and Shellback.

Nathan and Sean had sued Taylor Swift because they claimed her song was taken from her single 'Playas Gon' Play' by the group 3LW. 

At the time, Taylor denied taking the lyrics from her and claimed that she had not heard the song before her or in her organization.

Taylor's group argued that the song's lyrics and music may be comparable due to the fact that it is part of common parlance

and became part of the popular vernacular before Sean Hall and Nathan Butler wrote 'Gon Beaches'. . . Play'.

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