Coronation Street's Jacob Hay Will Be Smashed With The Help Of Dad Damon In 2023 Story

Jacob Hay will be overwhelmed by his father, Damon, in the new episodes of Coronation Street that will air in early 2023.

Damon entered Weatherfiled earlier this month, pressuring Nick to give him an activity at the Bistro by reminding him of the money 

In the upcoming episodes, Jacob will become suspicious of his father's motives after he has told him that Dan's main food

Already scared at the prospect of pursuing a criminal pastime, Jacob's fears are exacerbated when a group of law enforcement officers

As he tries to get the medicine away from the scene, the dog begins to bark, forcing Craig to follow Jacob to his apartment. Meanwhile

Leanne and Ryan try the rest of the shipping containers after wondering what the canine barking did.

Later within the week, Damon corners Jacob and beats him up for not providing him with the drugs, warning him that Amy 

When he hears her walk into her apartment, Jacob pretends to deal drugs over the phone to make things easier for her

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