Damon Evans on the progress of Maryland football, exploding Michigan hoops and a terrible smell

"Of course, we're all disappointed with the way we played against Michigan. And if you pay attention to any background noise

I'm here at Rutgers with our group right now and shooting. So, you know, it turned into a disappointing performance in general

But those youngsters have some stamina," he said Thursday on 105.7 The fans's Vinnie and Haynie show. "And Kevin [Willard] didn't like what he saw. He's a strategist

so he's going to determine that. At the point where we're 10-4 right now, I think a variety of people coming into this season could have probably

We've had some great wins. So we realize we're going to compete in this league. We understand it's a tough league

However, I'm still very, very positive on this program and on Kevin Willard, and we can continue to build."

On the other hand, Evans, like the Maryland fans, enjoyed seeing the team finish with a bowl win, it's the first back-to-back season

"Very impressed with the way we played. Some might say it turned into a nasty game. A win is a win. Our defense became solid

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