'Deep water' or deep pockets? Ana de Armas' internet really pays off in 2023 and the way the 'grey boy' big name did it

Ana de Armas has been working little by little in Hollywood to gain a foothold in the long term. But, due to the fact that she has exploded lately,

it may seem like it is an overnight realization, but Ana de Armas online value shows the years of hard work of her.

After striking up a high-profile romance with Ben Affleck at the same time she co-starred in Deep Water, de Armas' personal existence has also been in the spotlight

There is no better time than the present to look at the current Bond lady and what she is currently being paid.

Ana de Armas has been acting in Spanish-language projects since around 2006. She later transitioned to also do English-language projects around 2015

Blade Runner sequel Blade Runner 2049 that she began to gain notoriety in the United States, as well as a Saturn Prize nomination.

Following that, her breakout lead performance in 2019's Knives Out landed her on Hollywood's A-list and earned her a Golden Globe nomination

She quickly followed that role with a small but exciting female Bond lead in the swan trail. from Daniel Craig as James Bond

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