Details Barcelona vs Espanyol: pink cards, dreams LaLiga 22-23

We can have bigger Masses in 2023, don't worry about it. Lionel Messi's healthy comment on referee Mateu Lahoz

I'm going to leave this here for no reason... Lionel Messi Post Suit Comments to the referee Mateu Lahoz

 this here without any purpose... 14 yellow cards and a couple of crimson cards these days from Mr. Mateu 

Lahoz: it's a report for him in the First Division. : FC BARCELONA 1-1 RCD ESPANYOL

Alright, where do I start? That had it all: a penalty, a red card, another crimson card, a canceled purple card, more yellow cards 

than a hornet's nest, the Espanyol coach fighting and his squad yelling at the referee to whistle... Dembélé runs and runs for him 

wing for what seems like 100 kilometers before Puado fouls him. The Camp Nou whistles like crazy. It's a poisonous environment

inside the stadium! Dembélé spins left and right before firing a high shot into the stands. One more time. Bucket's game is low, but