Eamonn Holmes seen on crutches as he continues to recover from 'fall of terror'

Eamonn Holmes has been photographed for the first time watching a horrifying fall that left him with a broken shoulder

The broadcaster took to Instagram on Friday to share a photo of himself on crutches alongside TalkTV host Piers Morgan

 writing: “a breakthrough for me tonight, literally. We were invited to a Christmas campaign organized by Piers.

“It felt really good to come out of the closet and come together. Better than medicinal drug. Merry Christmas to all".

The television presenter has been recovering from multiple health problems after falling down the stairs in October.

In November, Eamonn told GB News, where he hosts Breakfast with Isobel Webster, that his ordeal had been "hellish".

The coincidence left him with a fractured shoulder, meaning he was unable to attend his mother's funeral the same month

Holmes said: "It was a big setback and I'll have to take a few more days off work to get better."

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