Elizabeth Hurley opens up about single motherhood and the death of her 'brilliant loves'

Elizabeth Hurley is recovering from grief and raising her son Damian, now 20, as a single mother.

The 57-year-old Austin Powers celeb spoke to The Times this week about being a single mom.

Although Hurley gives her son a financial backlog and movie screenwriter Steve Bing

he didn't help raise Damian. Damian has reportedly never met his biological father, who committed suicide in 2020.

“As a single mother, my goal in life was to be discerning,” Hurley explained to The Times.

“Always being there for Damián, getting him up in the morning and blocking his way at night.

 I never went away for one night, except my mother or sister were there to celebrate the castle.

Hurley said Damian also received love from the men she dated, including "high-quality stepfather" Arun Nayar

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