Elon Musk Delivers Twitter Insights to Key Supply of COVID Disinformation

The owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, became by access to internal company documents a main source of incorrect information on vaccines

Alex Berenson, a former New York Times reporter whom The Atlantic called "The Wrong Man of the Pandemic" in 2021,

 "Twitter Archives," or Musk's effort. to deliver positive internal reports. Twitter data to choose writers and reporters

Berenson has been frequently and flagrantly incorrect about the pandemic. For example, he asked in October 2020 why anyone would believe a prediction of 500,000

COVID deaths in the US the next spring, only for the death toll to jump that number in February, and then double until May. of 2022.

But worse than being actually wrong, he has on numerous occasions provided misleading vaccine statistics to his readers. In a telling example,

Berenson in November 2021 cited British mortality data for people aged 10-59, writing: “Vaccinated English adults under the age of 60 die

I don't recognize a way to give an explanation for this other than vaccine-precipitated mortality." In eight days, according to Berenson,

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