Elon Musk's obsession with Twitter is not the intermediate cause of Tesla's stock market crash

A famous false impression has emerged about Elon Musk and Tesla

The billionaire's love affair with Twitter is the main reason Tesla shares have lost so much value this year. 

But Tesla's sharp destocking this week showed the problems in Musk's car business go beyond Twitter.

While Musk notes that he, too, could step down as CEO at Twitter, traders are concerned that Tesla's revenue 

and earnings outlook is changing to be more bleak. A sign of weakening demand

Tesla has announced an unusual sale. The company offered two discounts for buyers who receive a car before the end of the year

starting with a discount of $3,750 up front this month. Tesla later doubled that rebate to $7,500 on Thursday.

“Tesla is really starting to see demand cracks in China and in the US at a time when opposition to electric vehicles is rising across the board,”

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