Emergency exit front row: Annamalai says Tejashwi Surya knocked on emergency door 'by chance'

After a dispute over the emergency exit door hole of an IndiGo plane broke out via BJP MP Tejasvi Surya, Tamil Nadu BJP leader ok Annamalai

who was also on board at the time of the incident, he stated that Surya "accidentally knocked on the emergency door", but it was no longer his fault that the flight was delayed

"Tejasvi is an informed and responsible character. It was no longer his fault that the flight was delayed. The problem escalated because some members of the DMK 

Explaining the entire incident, Annamalai claimed that the location of the gate was hardly altered from its original function.

“Surya felt uncomfortable with his seating position as humans were also coming up to him to take selfies and photos. At some point in all this commotion

"I noticed and couldn't say what. the door was opened, but it seemed that the location of the door was slightly altered from its original function.”

He also said that the team was then informed about the problem and an engineer was asked to fix the emergency door in its correct area

He also claimed that Tejasvi wrote an incident file and apologized for the same. The issue came to light after IndiGo reported on December 10

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