Emily Blunt pointed out to be with Tom Cruise in "margin of past today"

The role required two and a half months of training, which covered the use of weighted vests 

In fact, it became the armor load that made Emily cry at some point on set.

"We had to make these considerable robotic adjustments," Emily recalled on the Smartless podcast

"I think it would have been remarkable if they were done CGI, but we wanted to make it almost tactile."

"When you pay attention to the word 'tactile,' you think it sounds nice and cozy; these suits weren't comfortable at all.

What's better, Emily got hurt on the set of the movie. She nearly broke her nostrils practicing aerobatics

to which Tom supposedly advised her, "Yeah! First damaging stunt!".

According to her reports, she even claimed that her suits damaged her ribs and clavicle to the point that they are now "still dodgy".

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