Examine the links between sugary drinks and hair loss in men

Male Pattern Hair Loss (MPHL) is a revolutionary, scar-free form of hair loss. The age of onset of MPHL has been decreasing 

Numerous studies have connected the hyperlink between Western-style nutritional intake and MPHL. A new study from the journal 

Numerous factors of MPHL affect someone's existence, along with self-confidence, psychological misery, and physical fitness.

Different factors, including sleep time, stress, genetics, age and body mass index (BMI), should contribute to this. According to research,

Younger populations consume higher servings of sugary drinks, including juices, soft drinks, electric fluids, sports drinks, or sweet tea/espresso

For example, 49% of adults and 63% of children within the United States of America consume an SSB on any given day

The situation is comparable in China, where the intake of sugary drinks is higher within the age group 13-29 years (22.38%). SSB intake .

However, epidemiological investigations on the association between MPHL and SSB consumption are scarce, especially in the younger population

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