FBI Raises Praise in Pipeline Bomb Case Linked to Jan. 6 Violence

If you have statistics on the person who planted pipe bombs in Washington the day before the violent riot on January 6, 2021

On Wednesday, the federal law enforcement agency announced a $500,000 award for information on the suspect leading to his arrest

$100,000 reward previously offered. The FBI stressed that the case remains a cause for concern despite the loss of public development.

“With the bounty greatly increased, we urge people who may have also previously been hesitant to contact us, or may not have discovered they had crucial information

the statistics on our website and file accordingly,” David Sundberg, rate deputy director of the FBI's Washington field office, in a statement.

The company said it evaluated nearly 500 tips in the case, conducted 1,000 interviews, assembled more than 39,000 videos

Video footage released last year indicates the suspect was wearing face masks, goggles, a gray hoodie, gloves and black and light gray 

The person carried the bombs in a backpack down a residential street before placing one behind the Republican National Committee headquarters

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