Feinberg Image: 10 Oscar Contenders Who Have Been Overlooked And Underappreciated

THR's government awards publisher offers up a handful of contenders that it believes deserve more attention from the Academy than they seem to get.

Ron Howard's masterful portrayal of the 2018 Thai cave rescue was also hampered by a summer and/or post-2021 doc release The Rescue

Maverick is one of the most critically and commercially successful movies of 2022. It didn't steer itself. Kosinski won't be overly profiled

For his subtle overall portrayal of him as a struggling young father in Charlotte Wells' critically acclaimed indie film, the everyday celebrity is already

True, the film is overlong and, in the eyes of some, exploitative, but that's not the fault of this cuban skill, which he pulled off a huge hit and achieved

Now it's hard not to be played off-screen by Cate Blanchett, but this veteran actor, who wears a funny quiff to play a money guy who wishes

Mo'Nique won this award for betting a bigoted nightmare of a priceless mother; Union, for another terrifying twist alongside Jeremy Pope, goes just as well.

The novel by D.H. Lawrence from 1928 has been normally adapted, but never better than with two-time Oscar nominee David Magee

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