Five takeaways from the Warriors-Celtics Finals rematch

On the same night, a very successful typhoon in the Pacific hit much of California

a force of the same importance from the Atlantic arrived in downtown Chase on Saturday night.

The Boston Celtics delivered the best record in the NBA (21-5) and the highest scoring offense (128 points per game)

 to San Francisco to take on the Golden Kingdom Warriors in a rematch of the 2022 NBA Finals.

Five takeaways from the Warriors-Celtics Finals rematch

It's been 178 days since those teams last met on June 16, when the Soldiers clinched their fourth name in eight years by winning the last three games of the series.

Nearly six months later, the Warriors extended that winning streak to four in a row when they beat the Celtics 123-107 thanks to a combined 66-pointer from Klay Thompson

and Stephen Curry. Here are five takeaways from the soldiers' victory in this marquee showdown:

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