Florence Pugh's New  Chocolate Brown Update Has Her Almost Unrecognizable

Florence Pugh is on that list as she takes stock of celebrities who have had notable hair moments in 2022.

Renowned for her short blonde hair, the celeb has drastically changed tack and gone heavily with chocolate brown. 

Pugh also debuted one of the shortest hairstyles we've ever seen of her and the color of hers is chef's kiss.

She nearly made the celeb unrecognizable, which wouldn't surprise us if she wanted to blend in

since she needs to put on a poker face at some point of the year. Unfortunately

the second new hair is not eternal and for the role of her in the new film a great person

which was directed by her ex Zach Braff. (communicate approximately a date of work).

Thankfully, we know that Pugh isn't afraid to try new things in terms of glamour, especially her hair

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