"FOOLS" - 33-Year-Old Vintage Star Shoots Photos Following Becky Lynch's Disagreement Over Uncooked WWE

Former No Cook Ladies Champion Bayley was dealt an ugly blow throughout the ladies department following a confrontation with Becky

Tonight, Bayley and hers contestants hers hers harm hers CTRL, IYO SKY and Dakota Kai, kicked off the new year in the red logo

But, her celebration fell short using Becky Lynch, who issued an open task to the final one-time position version.

Alternatively, the 33-year-old pitted the women's group champions IYO SKY and Dakota Kai against the man with a physical handicap

The percentages piled up in opposition to the great Time Becks, but Mia Yim came through to even the rating.

Unfortunately, the babyfaces have been fooled, with SKY hitting Mia Yim with an Over the Moonsault for the win. Lynch was quite disappointed 

The paper version is off to a super start to 2023. Post-health, Bayley took to Twitter to warn female superstars not to tell her

The man back from injury to compete in the in-form women's WarGames on the WWE Survivor series as Bianca Belair's 

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