From DeFremery Park to the Garden: The Oakland Roots of Boston Celtics Greatness

Under the light of an incandescent bulb illuminating the dark sky of Oakland

California, a young Paul Silas played basketball with his destined partner, noted Celtics manager Russell, his brother Charlie

and cousins Fritz and Aaron Pointer in the sweet warmth of a late summer night. . On the sidelines, the Pointer sisters

still a decade away from being The Pointer Sisters, were taking part in the show.

Basketball played at 18th and Adeline's DeFremery Park in the early 1960s was the lynchpin around which his international revolved.

It became a silent but moving testimonial to what families who had immigrated to Oakland in the 1940s 

they fled the brutal and institutionalized repression of Jim Crow in the American South.

Basketball played at Adeline's 18th and DeFremery Park in the early 1960s became the lynchpin of its world round.

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