From domestically grown vegetables to movie fragrances: Big names from Israeli startups at CES

It's no surprise that some of the most exciting companies on display at CES are Israeli. This year, we find Israelis at the expo creating 

home agricultural greenery, electric vehicle charging, or even home urine testing without human contact. Here are some of the prominent Israeli organization

Olive Diagnostics is developing a product for at-home, non-contact, no-handling urinalysis. "The character urinates into the toilet

 “Our tool performs a molecular evaluation of the urine and, in addition, the degree of extension and coloration. This makes it possible .

You could have kidney stones and not realize it. until you have pain. We recognize these things weeks in advance. We carry out the test with the help of optics

 Light at special frequencies interacts with molecules. We send the light out, we check what's on the other side, and if there's a drop in the amount of force

we know we've hit that molecule." The cost of the device is $450, with an additional $20 monthly fee for analysis of the light

"Currently there is an analysis package, but at the destination there could be a package for diabetics or for people who are undergoing chemotherapy treatment."

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