Geena Davis says Bill Murray 'screamed' and cursed at her on set: 'I felt so embarrassed'

Davis has previously spoken about the couple's notorious 1990 look at the Arsenio aisle show in which Murray repeatedly touched Davis

She also mentioned her audition for her brief understudy, during which Murray allegedly used a massage tool he called "The Thumper

In a new interview with journalist Kara Swisher on her podcast, On With Kara Swisher, Davis also recalled that Murray yelled at her to hurry up at some point

“Seconds later, Bill Murray, fully costumed as a clown, by the way, crashes into the trailer with rage spewing out of his eyeballs and starts yelling at me and swearing

“And they hit me in the back and yelled in my ear: ‘Come in! Drive faster! Move it!' And we're coming to this intersection where there are a lot of people looking at this

Davis said she was "literally shaking", adding: "Talk to me about it without a doubt, it still is, it's very emotional for me because I felt so ashamed, you know

In 2021, Lucy Liu also opened up about an alleged feud she had with Murray even while filming the 2000 movie Charlie's Angels.

Last year, production on Aziz Ansari's directorial debut film, Deadly Being, was reportedly put on hold due to an alleged "inappropriate behavior" criticism of Murray.

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