Gene Simmons, 73, admits he's an 'ageist' when it comes to President Biden

The statement began with Simmons telling Maher that he was initially enthusiastic about Donald Trump's victory in 2016

but later became disillusioned with his presidency.

“Although he was a fan for the first time in 2016, when he was first elected, he was pleased,”

Said Simmons, who appeared on NBC's The Trump Apprentice Movie Star.

 “I knew the guy from before that. … I didn't need Hillary [Clinton]. I think, 'Oh, the businessman coming. He knows how to handle things.'"

"I'm occasionally stupid," before adding. "The person I first saw coming to power is not the character I saw 12 months

Maher then retorted, “also ridiculous. He's been the same jerk for 50 years. What are you talking about approximately?

Simmons responded by saying that his opinion also changed about Biden, who turned eighty years old these days.

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