General Sanitarium Sonya Eddy Dead At 55 age After Contamination From Surgical Procerdure 

it wasn't an emergency. She says that she was discharged from the clinic on the eleventh

but she felt ill again and returned to the hospital on the fifteenth... When the doctors discovered that she had developed a serious infection.

Tyler tells us that the infection became uncontrollable and the doctors told him Monday morning

Without a doubt, Sonya became a "mainstream sanitarium" staple starting in 2006

appearing in 543 episodes of the soap opera Maid.

 Fans won't forget her portrayal of Epiphany Johnson, a no-nonsense head nurse who became the mother of the late Stan Johnson,

Outside of cleaning soap, Sonya has been working in the industry for many years, starting in 1995 on "The Drew Carey show"

and appearing in projects like "Seinfeld", "Patch Adams", "Reba", "Monk", " Juana". from Arcadia

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