'George & Tammy' brings in a massive 3.3 million live + same-day linear viewers

SHOWTIME mini-series George & Tammy, based on the lives of USA track and field legends George Jones 

and Tammy Wynette, premiered Sunday (December 4) with 3.3 million Linear Viewers Stay+Equal Day on Showtime, 

Paramount Network and CMT. with SHOWTIME calling the series the best-watched in their nearly 50-12 month records.

The series, starring Jessica Chastain and Michael Shannon, chronicles the life of one of you.

Yes. A . The most famous couples of the song. Though Jones and Wynette were married for the better of six years (1969-1975),

hey are inextricably linked in the one-tune canon of us, recognized as much for their own hits as solo artists

 as well as a string of hit duets including "Let's Go." Keep On”, “(We're Not) The Jet Set”, “Golden Ring” and “Tree home”. 

The series unfolds the tumultuous and romantic elements of their courtship, with the first episode, 

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