Giants' Jon Feliciano has epic reaction to Week 15 official complaints

The Big Apple giants held on to defeat the Washington Commanders, 20-12, on Sunday night in truly debatable style.

On the last protection play of the game, Giants cornerback Darnay Holmes completely pinned Commander's big receiver

Curtis Samuel, inflicting an incomplete bypass and sending Washington into the showers.

There has been outrage on the spot all over the net. Many felt that the Commanders had been robbed

and that officers had intentionally searched for them. There were other alleged examples

What many don't know is that on the same play, Giants running back Kayvon Thibodeaux was hit in the face with some arms. 

Him now not just in his mask, but through the bars and in his eyes. 

That too went unnoticed. If each had been tagged, the penalties could have been offset

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