'Glass Onion' is filmed in this luxurious hotel in Greece

The Massachusetts mansion in Knives Out was an unforgettable setting for the murder thriller.

Meanwhile, within the track of the thriller titled Glass Onion: A Knives Out, we are taken to villas on a Greek island. 

The holiday-based story will actually satisfy anyone set in an alternate season of The White Lotus. And luckily

"Swapping the browns of recent England for the blues and yellows of Greece" became a deliberate step meant to separate the sequel from its predecessor

 according to author-director-producer Rian Johnson. "As much as there is a rich culture of murder mysteries in safe English

 there is a lot of rich tradition in resort murders," Johnson told an international news conference.

Whether or not you're planning an ecu tour, or want some new clothes for your next dream getaway

 the filming locations in Glass Onion are sure to get you started. Get the full truth up front.

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