Governor DeSantis rings a bell in my memory Letters

Every time I hear Governor Ron DeSantis speak, I can't stop thinking of any other southern governor from the past: 

George Wallace of Alabama. In his 1963 inauguration speech, Wallace proclaimed: “Within the call of the greatest people to ever walk this earth

I draw the line in the dust and throw down the gauntlet at the feet of tyranny, and that I say segregation now. , segregation. past today, segregation all the time

” DeSantis sounds similar as he states over and over, "Florida is where the awakening goes to die." each boy vowed to fight the innovative wave of the time.

DeSantis, like Wallace, also pulls political stunts to get the attention of the entire country. Wallace stood outside the admissions office at the University

DeSantis' picks on immigrants and Democratic officials like Hillsborough County realm attorney Andrew Warren.

Wallace also wanted to be president, unsuccessfully jogging four times. We'll see how DeSantis fares.

I see readers complaining about Governor Ron DeSantis' inauguration speech. Every time you win with almost 60% of the votes

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