TitleGreen comet could be visible for the FIRST time in 50,000 years 1

A recently determined vibrant green comet will be visible in the skies for the first time in 50,000 years. 

The comet was renamed C/2022 E3 (ZTF) and could come in the direction of the past sun today

It will be possible to see it in the northern hemisphere and inland in the morning. 

It can stand out from other stars through the distinctive feature of its stout tail and energized particles

The brightness is due to an "envelope" that accumulates around the comet when it passes close to the sun

According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the comet is quite unpredictable

The closest approach to the comet will take place between the first two days of February.

As you get closer, it will be possible to find it in the early afternoon, near the Polaris celeb, also known as the northern megastar.