Guillermo del Toro on the popularity of season 2 of 'The closet of curiosities'

Netflix and Guillermo Del Toro have matched heaven in 2022.

In October, the Academy Award-winning director dazzled horror fans with his top-rated live-action anthology series Guillermo Del's Closet of Curiosities.

Bull, and now his version of Pinocchio, the burning challenge of a lifetime for him

He is receiving almost generic acclaim from critics and audiences alike.

The two have solidified their creative presence on streaming, leaving lovers wondering what's next from the acclaimed filmmaker.

To have fun with the latter's release on Friday, December 9th, Collider's own Steve Weintraub interviewed del Toro about his move-prevention surprise

The Curio Closet offered something for horror fans of all styles, from grotesque horror to mind-bending horror

all curated by del Toro himself. The series oozed his signature style, though it also gave plenty of breathing room to the talented cast of directors

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