Guys Roast Donald Trump's Digital Business Letters With Homelander Parody

Former President Donald Trump shocked many today after prompting an "important statement" on his social media account

which turned out to be a virtual trading card deck featuring his photograph in Precise Eventualities.

The main part of his statement was morphed into a business card of Trump in a Superman-like outfit

complete with an image of a "T" on his chest and an American flag cape.

That one-off accessory certainly set off some red flags in the boys' HQ because it conjures up the same images

 image as the screen's number one antagonist and mainstay of Trump-centric satire Homelander. 

It all started with series author and showrunner Eric Kripke, who immediately noticed the similarities between the former

"That's more fun payoff than I could want to write about by the way," the Supernatural creator tweeted. "

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