Harden addresses pronounced interest in  comeback, enjoys the

The game after setting a career high for himself and tying the Sixers' franchise record with 21 assist

 he finished a Christmas matchup against the Knicks on thirteen cents.

And, with Joel Embiid on the bench before his final period, Harden hit hotly contested 3-pointers,

drove open jumpers from Georges Niang and helped the Sixers to their eighth straight 20-12 victory.

However, wearing a very colorful coat on the podium after the match, 

 ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported about an hour bHarden will surely be questioned about his future.efore kickoff that Harden

eriously thinking" about returning to the Rockets in a free organization if he doesn't sign a new contract with the Sixers.

"I'm here, we're playing very well and I don't know where that document came from," Harden said.