Harington package on Jon Snow after recreation of Thrones: 'it's not right'

Kit Harington did everything fans wanted him to do during his panel at the official Game of Thrones conference on Sunday night

but not what they really wanted him to do, which became a development topic for the sequel. Jon. Snow.

Harington was silent in the face of the difficulty. Moderators John Concepion and Greta Johnsen did not address the issue.

Neither did the lovers who lined up to ask questions at some point in a question-and-answer session.

 But the only thing Harington roughly communicated was where the end of Game of Thrones left the person of hers.

She started talking about how the drama turned out in 2019, with Jon killing Daenerys and being banished to spend his days at the Northern Wall. 

 "I think if you had asked him, he would have felt slightly slighted," the actor said. "At the bottom of the screen

 when we find him on that mobile, he's getting ready to be beheaded and he wants to be.

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