Harry and Meghan are fueling the 'anti-British' inside the US

Friends of Prince Harry have reportedly confessed that Meghan Markle's "unlimited PR"

precipitated anxiety among the Duke of Sussex and his circle of relatives over the prince's feud with brother William.

Meghan Markle "can be a 500% nightmare," admitted Prince Harry's friends.

Royal professional Robert Lacey said the couple's friends had confessed 

 they could understand why Harry's brother Prince William is upset about using the megastar's antics from previous attacks.

Writing for the Mail newspaper, Lacey said: "Sussex supporters have noticed 

Meghan's uncanny combination of self-promotion and self-pity, and can see why she has infuriated William.

"Every mutual friend I've ever met sees both points of view: William's defensiveness toward the monarchy as he sees it

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