HBO's New Apocalyptic Drama Won't Make The Walking Dead's Biggest Mistake

The Rest of Us, HBO's edition of Neil Druckmann's lauded video game, is here after a protracted war to bring the post-apocalyptic survival game to life

The show, which follows a brusque smuggler, Joel (Pedro Pascal), as he tries to escort Ellie (Bella Ramsey), a brash and foul-mouthed 14-year-old woman

The last time zombies broadly wowed TV audiences was AMC's game-changing titan The Walking Lifeless, which premiered in 2010 and ended its 11-season run last November after years of win-loss

The futile rides were established long before it left the air, picking up where that exhibit left off rather than trying to run its well-worn course.

The main appeal of The Lifeless Rides, the line that humans would use to convince you to watch the show, changed to that even though the show

This became genuine, but the show remained, at its heart, about the network, society, and what it means to recreate those out of nothing

Sure, we especially accompanied Sheriff Rick Grimes and his his son Carl as they moved through numerous farms, prisons, communes, and rebellions, but Rick's central guideline

The screen began with Rick traveling through a recently destroyed Atlanta, Georgia, to find his wife and his son. Though Rick and Carl made many stops along their journey

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