Here are nine New York shows we can't wait to see this spring.

The general rule, for many years, is that the majority of Broadway industrial productions

one in four, get their money back. However, these have been a tougher 12 months than the traditional ones. 

 In the year and a half since Broadway reopened, tourism and ticket revenue have not returned to pre-pandemic levels

So, looking ahead to the spring of 2023, you never recognize what's going to hit or miss.

However, the programs that generate the most money are not always the high-quality ones. 

Often all you can do while looking to predict what's really going to be worth watching is see who wrote the script 

Here are nine stale Broadway and Broadway signs I'm keeping an eye on, some of which I've seen in previous incarnations. 

 They may be indexed in the order they are performed at the NYC levels.

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