Holly Willoughby is seen in an extraordinary public date night with her husband Daniel Baldwin

It became a date night for Holly Willoughby and hers hers hers husband Daniel Baldwin on Saturday as they watched the KSI v FaZe Temperrr boxing outfit

The This Morning presenter, 41, looked gorgeous in a black blazer as she sat front row at the event with her brand's boyfriend

It's an unprecedented public sighting for the couple, who have been married for 16 years and keep their courtship out of the spotlight

The announcer's creamy blonde locks fell freely in a soft wave as she opted for a radiant makeup palette.

YouTuber KSI made his return to the ring as he takes on replacement opponent FaZe Temperrr within the current Misfits boxing card.

KSI and FaZe Temperrr were largely respectful at some point in the quick build up to their fight, though they did exchange some fiery words 

FaZe Temperrr insisted that he give KSI their toughest night in the ring yet, to which the Brit disagreed.

"I've been fighting heavier people than me in sparring and they've hit me with bombs, and they still haven't let me go."

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