How does the signing of Correa impact Crawford?

 The Giants had plenty of holes this offseason, but shortstop wasn't necessarily one of them.

Brandon Crawford was coming off a down year, but he played top-tier defense down the stretch

fueling optimism that he could return to fitness in 2023, the final 12 months of the 2-year, $32 million extension

However, after falling short of expectations last season, the Giants have made it clear that they plan to explore all options

 to improve their roster this offseason. And it so happened that many of the major free retailers played the role of Crawford.

The Giants tried to wrest reigning AL MVP Aaron from the Yankees, but after those hopes were dashed

the natural turn was to move into the deep free-agent shortstop category.

Enter Carlos Correa, who has agreed to a historic thirteen-month, $350 million deal with the Giants

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