How HBO's 'Shutdown On Us' Avoided The 'Gaff' Of Online Game Adaptations: 'Let's Only Have As Much Violence In This Story As Needed'

In the 2013 Sony ps 3 online game "The last people", you play (for the most part) as Joel, a ruthless smuggler who wants to transport a teenage girl

Ellie, through a post-apocalyptic American landscape riddled with zombies, and worse. . Players must guide Joel and Ellie as they navigate their way through dilapidated

then use whatever weapons they have to take out swarms of zombies, or mercenaries or cannibals, who just would. kill them.

So while sportswriter Neil Druckmann collaborated with Emmy-winning "Chernobyl" author Craig Mazin to adapt "The Last People" into a network for HBO

one might as well have expected them to pass a lot of time figuring out the best way. to understand the visceral gameplay sequences on the screen.

Mazin is an ordinary gamer and became a big fan of "The final people" when it was first released. However, he innately understood that it would be a "mistake"

"It's the mistake that other human beings have made, I think, in [video game] variation, because they think that's what connects people to a game,

Druckmann also sees an important difference between the experience of actively betting on a game, in addition to controlling the virtual camera

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