How much cap space will the Atlanta Falcons have in 2023?

The Atlanta Falcons front office has spent the last 12 months focused on developing the salary cap area 

and fixing an Atlanta Falcons franchise that was certainly broken. Drawing from the veteran 

Jake Matthews and Grady Jarrett being the exceptions), the front office opted for short-term pain in favor of fast-moving ability.

Deion Jones will be the last useless and painful blow the Falcons will have to deal next season with the rest 

their cap open. As currently built, the Falcons may have just over $70 million in the salary cap

heading into the 2023 offseason. Clearly, this will make Atlanta a prime buyer and give them the ability 

pursue any player they want in free agency. The years of good buys must end for a roster that badly needs an infusion 

talent on each side of the ball. While $70 million is more than enough to make the Falcons a playoff contender