I almost don't recognize you! The Chase's Mark Labbett surprises fans

In recent years, he has gone through an incredible weight transformation, dropping 10 stone.

And Mark Labbett, aka The Beast, from The Chase, went on to show off the results of his hard work as he posed in an instant 

The emaciated fifty-seven-year-old game show genius posed with one of his gifts

a version of the board game Needed, one of Chase's competitors in the world of game show TV.

Mark wrote, regarding the former co-host of the sport: 'This became my secret Santa at the Northwich Panto. 

Fans were shocked by his apparent weight loss as one commented, "Jesus you almost don't understand yourself

Another said: 'this is a brilliant fulfillment. Framework properly finished. I hope you are well.'

A third wrote: 'Amazing weight loss! Outstanding work!!' at the same time as a fifth said: 'more of a minibeast now!'

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