I used DNA analysis to find my initial family and it sent me across 3 continents.

Once I submitted DNA samples to genetic testing deals last year in search of my delivery family,

I had no idea I would be set free on an adventure across 3 continents. In 1961, I was adopted at birth in California.

Over time, I have searched for my birth circle of relatives in and outdated, but have constantly been hampered by sealed facts and tight-lipped officials

 However, in the last decade, national DNA testing and clean online access to official records have changed the game

I spat into plastic tubes (one for each of the two big players in this business in the US: 23andMe and Ancestry.Com),

dropped them in the mail, and anxiously awaited the fallout. As the email arrived, I was stunned.

After a lifetime of believing I was a basic white American, I found out I was half better. My new mother was born in Iowa.

But it turned out that my father was North African.DNA settings through the 23andMe and Ancestry messaging systems

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