Iman talks to David Bowie, the agism in the modeling industry and the rumors about the beginning of his career in British fashion

Iman opened up about her relationship with David Bowie and the modeling industry in an interview with British Trend.

The sixty-seven-year-old twiglet covers the January issue, marking her first cover story with the publication

She spilled some tea and dispelled a rumor about her early days within the company in the accompanying interview.

On initial testimonials describing her as a "Somali tribeswoman" or "cattle lady" before she became an expert model

 "I said, 'By the way, I speak English and four other languages. Goats,'" she said 

 "I had never seen a jungle in my life. But they took the other story and followed it."

On agism within the modeling industry: "That's a very Western mindset," she replied. 

 “I come from Africa, we are happy to grow old. A friend told me there's been a rise in beauty surgery

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